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A preview of the New Novel: Notes on a Grifter

A brief look at the new novel
A personal book about Raymond's years working with author Norman Mailer on his final four books.

This is the opening of my new novel, Notes on a Grifter.

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Dwayne Raymond
Provincetown, 2009

Norman reads from the first copy of Castle in the Forest 12.22.06

A Look at the Work...

Writer Dwayne Raymond reflects upon the intimate bond he forged with Norman Mailer during the last four years of the iconic writerís life. Coming on board in 2003 to work as Mailerís editorial aide, Raymond would become much moreócook, sounding board, confidante, and most importantly, friend to the still indomitable octogenarian. As he worked alongside the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, helping him with the research and preparation of his final four books, the younger writer grew to know a man whose benevolent private persona often ran counter to his intractable public image.
Living in Provincetown, the famously eccentric community on the remote tip of Cape Cod, Dwayne Raymond often encountered the townís most illustrious resident in its shops and bars. Raymondís first personal contact with Mailer, however, was in 2000, when he served the writer and his wife Norris at the small restaurant where he worked as a waiter. Mailer took an immediate interest in the younger writer and over the ensuing years, whenever they would bump into each other, Mailer would ask Raymond how his work was progressing. One fateful night in 2003, Raymond chanced upon Mailer at the local market. Mailer said he was immersed in a project and could use Raymondís help. The next day, he asked Raymond to be his assistant.
The project Mailer wanted help on was his novel about Hitler that would become The Castle in the Forest. Yet soon after he began showing up at the Mailersí home every day, it became apparent that the bounds of the job would be fluid. Raymond helped Mailer organize his massive amounts of research, but he also undertook many of the daily tasks. Norris Mailer, with whom Raymond formed a strong alliance, was herself recovering from a protracted illness, so the ďeditorial aideĒ routinely lent a hand with household duties, especially cooking, at which he was adept. Norman, an avowed food aficionado, would concoct odd recipe ideas that Raymond gamely executed.
Over the course of the next four years, Raymond became an indispensable and wholly trusted member of Mailerís small inner circle. He witnessed firsthand Mailerís legendary work ethic, as the aging writer, despite a litany of ailments, nonetheless managed to turn out four booksóModest Gifts, The Big Empty, The Castle in the Forest, and On God: An Uncommon Conversation. As the friendship between the two men deepened, Raymond recognized that the real Norman Mailer was nothing like the combative, misogynistic, homophobic, unforgiving man that the media had portrayed for over half a century, but in fact a forthright and devoted family man who cherished his work and his private relationships above all else. Raymond, a gay man, was surprised by Mailerís insight and compassion when offering advice, as the younger man struggled with a uniquely complex personal relationship with his partner. As Mailerís condition deteriorated, Raymond grew increasingly protective of his mentor, battling his own sorrow with the need to preserve the great writerís dignity and independence.
MORNINGS WITH MAILER is a heartfelt memoir of the special relationship between a literary master and a willing pupil. Offering a personal look into the final years of an often misunderstood icon, it is a moving tribute to Americaís foremost man of letters.

Dwayne Raymond worked with Norman Mailer from April 2003 until Mailerís death in November 2007. He provided editorial assistance on Mailerís final four books: Modest Gifts, The Big Empty, The Castle in the Forest, and On God: An Uncommon Conversation. Raymond contributes regularly to the Huffington Post and has written for The New York Times Brief Guide to Essential Knowledge, The Mirror, In Newsweekly, and The Boston Reader. He was a writer and producer for the NBC daytime news magazine show Real Life and served as associate producer for MTVís Real World: Boston. He lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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